The methodology Laura Verdugo del Rey is designed to provide students with the necessary resources to develop naturally, easily, quickly and effective creativity and musical sensitivity.

A good method is one that looks the best approach to the student, adapting to their physical and cognitive characteristics. For this, the guitar teacher should seek a reciprocal empathy with the student to help you achieve optimal and satisfactory musical goals.

Guitar lessons in proximity with the student seeks, knowing what their claims and / or demands with the guitar. One of the keys to success is the proper structuring and sequencing of materials, making the student directly involved in classes, enhanced creativity and trying not to stifle spontaneity.

The teaching program of guitar lessons is carefully selected and designed to meet the needs of students according to their age and musical pretensions.

Introductory classes are also offered for students aged between 6 and 8 years. This stage is very important because the muscular and auditory development develops very quickly.

For the musical process efficient each session guitar lessons are structured on two pillars:

The Guitar

Since the pieces of the great classical masters to more modern compositions, any excuse is good for improving technique and enjoy playing the instrument. All using different methods and configurations designed for each type and level of student.

Language and Music Theory

On the one hand the musical theory is a key concept for understanding the different elements that structure the music as we know it, including the development and methodology for analyzing, listening, understanding and composing. The musical language or music theory, is the universal technique used by musicians to correctly interpret a score, looking to make proper use of the pitch of each note, respecting durations and tempos, all in order to keep up as she is marking the compass.