I am a lover of music, a true believer in the arts as a key element for the development of sensitivity and intelligence of people. Throughout my experience as a guitar teacher, I have seen the significant influence that music has on the entire undergraduate education in its educational role and curiosity generator in parallel areas such as mathematics or physics.

I offer concerts and masterclass for various auditoriums of Spain, Europe and United States. I am a juror in prestigious international competitions. I am currently Director of the International Guitar Festival of Madrid and I am guitar teacher at the Higher Center Enseñanza Musical Katarina Gurska in Madrid.

Guitar lessons are designed to provide students with the necessary resources to develop naturally creativity and musical sensitivity.

Guitar masterclass for advanced students, preparation for entrance exams to conservatories and preparing recitals and competitions are held.

Live recitals with interpretations of some of the most emblematic works for guitar such as the Concierto de Aranjuez.


Guitar classes are taught in Madrid for all ages, from 3 years old. You can choose individual or group classes. Throughout the course we organize concerts where you can demonstrate your learned skills and make the public enjoy your music. We have the best highly qualified teachers to teach the lessons.


The classroom is located at the San Agustín School in Madrid.

C. del Padre Damián, 18 28036 Madrid
Metro Santiago Bernabéu
L-V de 15:30-21:00h S de 9:00-14:00h
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Brisas, Preludios y Tientos para Guitarra

Guitarist: Laura Verdugo del Rey
Composer: David del Puerto

cd brisas laura verdugo cd

The tracks that are included in this CD have been expressly composed to be incorporated into the recording. It is an express will to be there, to promote and participate in this unique occasion, to create one’s own voice. Because the guitar is a ductile instrument that accompanies folklore and avant-garde classical music with astonishing ease. Laura’s intention is for this voice to continue, grow, and convince by pleasing a demanding audience.


Preparar un concierto como solista en 3 pasos

Preparar un concierto como solista de guitarra clásica en el Auditorio Nacional de Madrid dentro de un importante ciclo de música…

"Its commitment to the instrument has evolved, transforming and adapting according to the circumstances, until it has become one of the benchmarks for classical guitar in Spain."
RITMO Esther Martín
"This record is, in short, David and Laura, a bipartite sound entity touched by the magic wand of MUSIC in capital letters. Joy and rest of the soul."
Melómano Digital Pablo de Diego
"Laura Verdugo del Rey is one of the artistic personalities most committed to the dissemination of classical guitar today."
rtve - La Dársena Mikaela Vergara