Laura Verdugo del Rey

concert guitarist and teacher of guitar

Top teacher of Guitar for the Royal Top Conservatoire of Madrid. Master of Guitar in Maastricht (Holland). Currently she teaches guitar lessons in Madrid.

Guitar lessons designed to provide the necessary resources to the pupil to develop in a natural, easy, rapid and effective way the creativity and musical sensibility.

Different interpretations of several musical styles to enjoy the guitarist Laura Verdugo del Rey.

Live recitals with interpretations of some of the most emblematic works for guitar since it is Aranjuez’s Concert.

Private guitar lessons and music theory

for all the levels

First Course of guitar

Initiation and knowledge of the instrument

First Course of guitarTo know the guitar, to acquire a technical base and to interpret a simple digest are some of the things to working.

Second Course of guitar

To penetrate and to control the instrument

Second Course of guitarDomain of different technical and corporal aspects to penetrate into the study of the instrument.

Third Course of guitar

To extend knowledge and interpretive precision

Third Course of guitarDevelopment and precision in the musical and sonorous interpretation, being conscious and not intuitive.

Fourth Course of guitar

Technical practice and interpretive control

Fourth Course of guitarControl of the interpretive resources across the technology, developing the interior hearing.

Fith Course of guitar

Development of interpretive elements

Fith Course of guitarAnalytical study and instrumental practice like interpretive route.