Laura Verdugo del Rey

I am a lover of music, a true believer in the arts as a key element for the development of sensitivity and intelligence of people. Throughout my experience as a guitar teacher, I have seen the significant influence that music has on the entire undergraduate education in its educational role and curiosity generator in parallel areas such as mathematics or physics.

– Laura Verdugo del Rey


Guitar concert and professor at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid and Master Guitar Maastricht (Netherlands).

Laura Verdugo del Rey was born in Toledo (Spain). She started her guitar studies at the age of 8 years in the Municipal School of Music in Santa Cruz de la Zarza (Toledo), completing his undergraduate education across the Conservatory of Music Alcázar San Juan-Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real), earning honors and extraodinario Award Intermediate Guitar. Later she joined the Madrid Royal Conservatory to complete her musical studies with Professor Guitar Demetrio Ballesteros, earning the title of Superior Professor of Guitar with the highest ratings.

Cultural Manager with the European University Miguel de Cervantes with a Master Degree in Direction and Management of Cultural Industries.






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