Brisas, Preludios y Tientos para Guitarra

Guitarist: Laura Verdugo del Rey
Composer: David del Puerto

The tracks that are included in this CD have been expressly composed to be incorporated into the recording. It is an express will to be there, to promote and participate in this unique occasion, to create one’s own voice. Because the guitar is a ductile instrument that accompanies folklore and avant-garde classical music with astonishing ease. Laura’s intention is for this voice to continue, grow, and convince by pleasing a demanding audience.

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cd brisas laura verdugo cd

The World We Build

Guitarist: Laura Verdugo del Rey
Composer: Juan Erena

Society is constantly changing, and not always change means evolution. That uncertainty is what he plans on this work, which is entitled -The world we build-. The fascinating thing about this work is not in its melody, in its harmonies or in the strength it has, but in what each person who listens to, finds their own response to what they build in this world and how it is returned . It is a work not only to feel, but to think. Think of us, think of others, but especially what we want to do in the world we live in.

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